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September 25, 2011


Julie Church

I too couldn't make it but I did want to go. What I remember about my cousin (your Uncle Bill) is that he made rock-gut wine so dry and sneaky it would creep up from behind and knock ya on your . . . .
I remember his sideburns were braided when he came to my dad's funeral, and I thought that was so cool. He started to make a wine vat once and turned it into a Jacuzzi instead. He was a carpenter built a cabin so it couldn't be seen from the road or air, but I never went there.
And what I remember most was that your Mom adored her brother. Both are missed. Thank you for sharing the picture.
Love, Cousin Julie


i love this alter of life celebration...

perfection for Dylan music!

my best thoughts on this posting
is to hope
you have great memories
of your Dylan~loving uncle...
i hope DEARLY for a story in your heart
where your uncle
made you laugh out loud...

i do hope that!

{{ don't you love this uploading
of personal family photos STUFF
and then hitting the button
to send it all
out into the universe!
i loved
posting my mom's hands
playing dominoes...
Whole Wide World!
here are my sweet mom's old hands! }}

i am like constance...
and maybe a Dress Code Party
where everyone who shows up
in converse sneakers
gets free tequila shots


{{ thinking of your happy face
now, missy!
is there music from UR sweetie's band
this week-end?
i am off in a few hours
for a concert myself..

more on that


THIS is a perfect and beautiful memorial! Also, it's great that you got to have this photograph!! I adore how your Uncle went out in such a creative style. His loved ones must have adored him and known him well.

What do you want when you die? I DO NOT want a religious thing. I want to be cremated. People can have a party if they want.

Wanted to say: SORRY it took me so long to come back to visit! I was getting ready for my mom's bday! It was cool You would have approved. Even I made her an Autumnal throne! Well, she deserves it.

Love to you Jenny and THANK you for seeing the magic. I see yours FOR SURE!!



this is wonderful. What a very special thing to do. Sorry you couldn't make it. But happy that you could share it with her from a distance.

and was a nice surprise that you dialed me by mistake:)


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