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June 22, 2010



Adore your art of Miss Mary Mack. My mom doesn't remember her, but i do!!
We did it as a clapping game where you face your partner. I still know the hand movements. We chanted the 3 words.
MM Mack mack mack all dressed in bbb with silver button,b,b,all down her back bb she asked her mother mm for 50 cents cc to see the elephants ee jump over the fence ff, they jumped so high, h h
they reached the sky, s,s
And they will never come back to die,d,d That's as far as I go.
What an original idea for an art piece!!


The ladybug

I know but I didn't want to. I can't even take the time to tell a shaggy dog story as long as it's supposed to be.


all dressed in
black, black, black
with silver buttons
all down her
back, back, back...


{{ you have to say
the last word 3 times,
you have to
clap, clap ,clap }}

...for fifty
cents, cents, cents
2 C the
jump over the
fence, fence, fence.

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