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July 06, 2008



This looks like a great party and you had lots of fun.


Can you imagine! All that Alan in one place!

I have to agree with the peanut gallery above, the tin piece is my favorite too!

I have some catching up to do...but think I'll wait til I'm home in the comfort of my own chair...


All Wonderful, especially that one make out of tin ;-). Mr. Lau must have been very touched and tickled, it even makes me tear up. He must be one cool cat!

Hope you are well. Hope the hunt is ok too.


how cool!

i find it so interesting
that your
~personal favorite~
was mine, too!


what are the chances?

i hope yous guys
made a ton of money
and that Alan
had fun as well.

i cannot imagine a wall of 22 of me.

i hope Alan's family got a kick out of it.

what is your next project
and, go ahead,
show us the steps in progress HERE,
why don't cha?

--->i hope folks did not forget--->
that you made that blurb book of Alan
and it is still available for purchase, is it not?


oh happy get-in-the-plug day!

Ruby Re-Usable

wow, this looked like such a fun event, and cool to be part of it, loved viewing your piece in progress as well as the final product, LadyBug Jenny, as well as the pics of the other artists' work, thanks for posting this, wish I could have been there!!

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