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August 26, 2007


Dixie West

Oh, yes, we paid $50 a month (furnished, incl. utilities) and $75 prr month (furnished, incl. utulities) for the second, larger apartment.

Dixie West

I remember Playland from 1955a1959, when my husband and I lived in San Francisco. First we lived in a garage apt. In the Sunset, then moved to an apartment in the Richmond district. We used to go to Ocean Beach and Playland often.

David Lees

I lived in Hillsborough 20 minutes south of San Francisco. At 7 years old I'd sneak out of the house, take the train to SF and take the bus to Playland at the beach. I ate "IT's Its" a round chocolate covered ice-cream sandwich wrapped in red white and blue paper.
What a trip!

Gary Van Gundy

Yup know it all well, I too was raised in SF in the 40s and 50s. Learned to swim in Flishacker pool, then it was the largest manmade pool in the world. It was so large they filled it with sea water from the ocean.

age 72

Scott Petrisch

Yes, the air jets near the front doors! Now, one must remember that those were the days of full pleated skirts, and when that blast of air came rushing up, WHOOSH, so did the skirts! I was only about eight or so at the time, but nevertheless, I still found it quite interesting. Oh, and does anybody remember the mechanical stairs? One set moved up and down, and the other moved left and right, which made it difficult trying to get to the top without falling down. OMG, can you imagine what would happen if something like that were still in existence? The local courts would be filled to capacity with injury claim cases!

Fred Steinley

I was born and lived in San Francisco until I was 11 years old in 1960. I remember Playland at the Beach with the diving bell, giant record player that we fought to stay in the middle of as it went round and round, faster and faster, Laffing Sal, and bumper cars! I think Laffing Sal is now in Santa Cruz.
I also remember Golden Gate Park, Stow Lake and motor boats, Japanese Tea Garden, The Aquarium along with live aligators and stuffed animals, and Flyshacker Pool (the largest pool at one time I believe)!



The Doggie Diner! Was that the same one as near the Flyshacker Zoo? My Dad used to take me there for Chili Dogs, then we'd go to the zoo and eat Pink Popcorn. Do you remember the Olympic sized public pool filled with saltwater near the zoo? Thanks for the memories.

Jenny Fillius

Sounds like something out of a David Sedaris book.


not only do i remember the creepy laughing lady but i also remember being totally freaked out by the blasts of air in as you entered the fun house and confronted the distorted mirrors.......was there also a spinning floor that you would get spun off of.........and another thing we did as kids was go to playland with our parents christmas eve for foot long hotdogs.....we'd have to wait for mom in the car before we left so she could play santa and get all the presents under the tree....when we got home from our christmas eve hotdog dinner, santa would have visited our house.........we opened our presents and then went to midnight mass.......


Wow...that brings back some memories! I lived in San Francisco in the 60's. Laughing Sal actually made me laugh - it was infectious - but you're right, she was/is pretty creepy! As for the gypsy fortune teller - I actually wanted her for my own - I was fascinated with her...loved her costume. As for the Doggie Diner - I was addicted to their pastrami sandwiches!

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