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August 01, 2007


Jenny Fillius

SPF thanks for stopping by.


not a bad joke at all...

i laughed & laughed at the overkill aspect of it...

every man in my family has one of those rusty-vice-things
and i have rarely seen them being used...

must be a man thing
you have turned into a cat thing...

love it!


Jenny Fillius

No Rochambeau, the grass is in a vice that was my father's.I was making a very bad joke.People must wonder about what you are looking for.Here in vacant lots I see Asian women picking greens of some sort.I thought they were eating them.It's for their bunnies to eat.


P.S. Did you build a feeder? Is that what this is? Lucky Boy!! Coco only gets a mason jar besides my Mom's paint water.


I admit something kind of funny. My Mom picks grass for her cat and puts it in water for her to eat. This is not the funny part! When I visit her and we are on our walks we take the time to scouting out Coco's grass. When I think about how others perceive two adult woman looking down at the ground, and picking weeds I think: Yup, they think we're crazy for sure!

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