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July 20, 2007



Cost Plus...a California icon. It's not quite the same any more. Gone are the days when you could find real German scrap and sugar Easter eggs. Oh well, I guess I'm showing my age!


I want some of these for my grandkids....they will love them......will check out your etsy store.....m

Jenny Fillius

Remember the German paper cut outs they had around the holidays? Stacks of them...angels, flowers, santas.Seems like dream to me now.


These are just great! What a nice job you've done. We used to go to Cost Plus OFTEN. That one or the one in Jack London Square. I'd fill up my basket & then have to put a lot of it back, but I know I still have some things...like crocheted little babies @ 1.5" tall.


Love these! I have seen chocolate balls that have fun little surprises inside.

thanks for the visit!!

Jenny Fillius

Hey Tongue in Chic (a more accurate title I assure you)Thanks for your kind words.

Kerrie H.- Someone is already making those out of coconut shells and rum, I am pretty sure.

kerrie h..

wicked cool...I think they will fly outta there.
for the adults you could put in those tiny airline bottles of gin. that's what i want in mine. and a button flower ring. and an umbrella.

Jenny Fillius

Hey Rochambeau,
That would be swell.I am interested to see.Thank you.

Jenny Fillius

12 is a tough age to delight and I could certainly try. Maybe you could send me some ideas via email.I am waiting for some rings to come that I can use to make my own with buttons and rhinestones, should be very groovy.


groggy morning over here
what with staying up so late
to read harry potter
and the rain and all...

came over
for a bit of bright color
to start my day!

did you add photos?

can you make those special ballies
personalized a bit?

say i wanted one
for a 12 year old niece with red hair...
something like that???
fill it up with little girly treats?

i am just wondering...

must go fix breakfast treats..


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