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July 28, 2007



I found my way over here from Constance....I have often thought of documenting roadside shrines. We have many...I think because we have a large Mexican population and the traditions they bring, but this has carried over to everyone.

Jenny Fillius

Yes I agree. In Italy I saw the one of the most beautiful sights ever, a grave yard at night all aglow with candle light.It was like nothing else I had ever seen.


Dear Jenny,
The first time I ever saw a shrine was in Italy when I was 20 yrs. I thought it was cool. Even little boxes along the sides of the road that you can do prayer mercies at. Have you ever seen?

Shrines exemplify the sacredness of life!

I too see car accident shrines, even here on the East Coast. Unfortunately with fake flowers.

I like shrines of all kind. Especially the ones for the Day of the Dead. I think it is important for all of us to remember and cherish another's life after they have left this earth.

Jenny Fillius

Thanks eb.and SPF


such an interesting and touching post - I came over from spf for a visit - this ladybug circus is a delight!

xox - eb.

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