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June 23, 2011



Talking of you...in the very best of ways

and wishing you might have been sitting around our table drinking the Jamaica tea!


having posted on the art of agua de jamaica ...the colour of you in me, just had to appear. may your smoketree bees of summer lead many an admire over to your always blooming garden of creativity.

as you might imagine, stephanie has me all a buzz for totems ala ladybug genius!

it is going to be a sweet summer!



i can't stop looking at this!!!


you seriously captured beauty here...
you have completely swept me away!!!


loved this B photo
so much
i pinned it on Pinterest...



oh yes!! I can see you with your camera right there in the thick of things!

We are having such a fun road trip and Greg is a great sport...he's driving along, I scream out...STOP, ANOTHER OLD NEON SIGN...and he pulls around so I can jump out and photograph.


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