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March 16, 2011




a show i can actually Go To!


{{ secretly i am so excited
about my traveling west
i can Hardly Stand It! }}


We will be able to see this!!


Jenny - Your new work is unbelievable and your joy at working with tin shines through. I have both opening dates on my calendar and hope to make one of them (I have conflicts both nights but really want to see your work with a crowd of admirers around and you basking in the adoration.)

I never miss the corporate world but miss the income that allowed me to collect art (though I'd have a hard time deciding which of yours to buy!). I just keep reminding myself that I now have time to create art!

BTW, also loved the article written during your last show.

We still have to get together some Friday at my studio. Send me an email.


if only....i were closer enough to surprise you!

still your beauty fills me,
i can smell your flowers from here!

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