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August 23, 2009



Sounds like heaven Jenny. Did you go? These are the happiest mules on earth, methinks. So nice!


kerrie h..

i just know i'd be happy if i had a mule and lived in quilcene. even with the rain. sigh.


When you said music festival I didn't think immediately of chamber music...how lovely this must sound in that big beautiful barn.

So you took your bus with all your peeps to this? What a great trip!!


Charlotte Rossmann

Very nice blog. I love the photos. I've never been to Washington and it caught me by surprise to see such familiar surroundings. It looks like rural Missouri, especially the mules!

Cousin Julie

Correction: mules!

Cousin Julie

It looks like a wonderful place to visit, it's nice to see you out and about and enjoying the sites even though you have a busy work schedule.
It makes me want to visit my local sunflower farm, except they don't have donkeys.

Miss you and your sister!
Love ~ Julie

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