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March 18, 2009



Hey There Lady Bug,
Will you please tell me what LBC is. I know I should know but I don't. I want to see you!!! Nice how you donated your locks!!!!!


So sorry Jenny. I feel things will begin to balance for you since it is the desire of your heart to create. You know what's interesting? I too don't have the time to create right now, but just living can be a creative expression, this I remind myself.

This is a great illustration above. Did you know that my dad told me that tea leaf reading was a much bigger deal than horoscopes when he was young.

You leaves are pointing to you finding the desires of your heart!!

SO greatcoat for the good~stuff about your job!

Take greata care bella,


no time for working in the studio?

ooohhhh, a pity for us
who follow your Arting.
maybe you should give up sleep.


{{ yes, steph,

maira's work does sometimes remind me of LBC.

i wonder does maira read this blog??

:-) }}


wow, nice compliment Steph. I painted it in 2000.


It's wonderful that you are enjoying the job, you'll figure out how to add the rest is my guess.

Is this painting yours? Fab!! it reminds me of Maira Kalman

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