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November 01, 2008



Strolling in fashionably late for the celebration.... a tin ofrenda. That's one I haven't seen yet. All these wonderful shrines and images are so incredibly inspiring.


Amazing art and a wonderful way to remember your mother. Reading your tribute makes think she must have been a lovely woman!


Wow...love your art!! What a nice tribute! Really love the colors...I'm very inspired.

Amanda @ A Tuscan View....

What a gorgeous offering. It's so colourful and uplifting. Your tribute to your mother is very moving, I had to blink away a tear. best wishes amanda


What a bright and beautiful tribute to your mother! The skull is fantastic and the heart with the candy wrappers is awesome!


That is just beautiful! You must have inherited your mother's artful lifestyle :D

Cousin Julie

Your Mom was a special person, I have such fond memories of my visits to your house as a child. She was creative and kind, just like you.
And you do such great work, such an inspiration to me as well as others for sure!
~ Julie


your recylced tin piece is amazing - I especially love the way you made the flowers. I am certain Ms. Betty would be thrilled by it. :)

Happy Dia de los Muertos!

rachel whetzel

beautiful!! I'm so happy I took part in this blog adventure this year!!


Love your altar. Beautiful and heartfelt. Your mom I know is happy you honored her in this way.

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