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July 30, 2008



Hope your getting along!!
Through the transition Jenny!
I think you should tell your great stories!!
Congrats on your new venture!



Change is so hard....I don't want to sound trite, but many times it leads to other wonderful things.

Be happy that you brought so much pleasure to so many....you will be missed, as you will miss them.



i have been thinking
about this...

besides you missing them,
won't they be
very confused
when it isn't YOU there driving?

this has got to be part of your sadness, too.


you know
their faces
and what they will look like
when your face isn't smiling at them.

you know
where THEY will be
you also know
they will be missing you
and won't much understand...

best thoughts to you
and your tender*heart
today and tomorrow.

{{ ACCESS is a ~sign~ to me:
----->a pathway
of good things to come
for you }}


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