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May 25, 2008



You put our life in a nut-shell. and forgot that We don't spend alot of time in our seats...our job takes the place of going to the gym.. I, too, love the paratransit joy and am sad that the contract is being terminated. I think you have been doing a great job....which is your nature.


jenny.....having spent alot of time this past year with elders and their needs, i know it takes special people who can work with them, are patient, and kind and look out for the many dangers which constantly present themselves to these special people.......you have all of these attributes and i know you will be missed.........they have been darn lucky to have you...melinda


Sometimes it's that push, the unexpected ones that really make us...allow for us... to grow.

I hope you find something that feeds your soul.

You are going to be missed by all your clients, I can tell.



you just told us TONS
about your human spirit.


new horizons
mean you will be shining your light somewhere else,

i suggest you print out this post
take it to your new horizon interview,
the position your really would like to have.

i would hire you
for any job
based on this posting.

talk about problem-solving on your feet,
on your bun, rather,
talk about the nature
of how we are as people...

you are more than qualified to drive your way through anything in life,
i would say...

now---> i gotta go explore all these goodies here
i missed whilst traveling.


Hi Jenny,
The part you speak about the interaction with the human spirit brings tears to my eyes. I assume from your last paragraph that your co. has been sold. If you really like that job, I would get a meeting with the big boss of the new co. Tell them why you like your job and why you are worth your salary. You may be surprised.

Since it is time for new horizons that can be exciting. Mine is getting ready to change too!


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