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December 21, 2007



oh my- your worlds divine- i love your little hand on the door - we have 1 as well on our bedroom door- singing and skipping la la la jo


honest i am not stalking
i have missed so much in my nyquil stupor days...

so glad i popped back thru here to see the note from your cousin julie...
the one about how your mom use to decorate...

i am such a sucker for that kind of sweet personal thing, i almost cried.

no, really.

isn't blogging so cool,
how you did your thing
and then your cousin
popped in
and then here is your mom memory...

man, i just love
that blogging can do that...

carry on...
well, you know the routine....


Fabulous home pictures! Hope you all had a wonderful, white for a minute, holiday!

Cousin Julie

Merry Christmas Jenny, I love the decorations, they remind me of how your Mom use to decorate, she did a great job too. The ginger bread house looks yummy and the girls are all dolled up waiting for the festivities to begin.


Your home is so warm and sparkling!

I love the chandelier and your tree and and....all of it! I love clicking on your images to soak in the details...like the clove oranges.

Happy solstice and Merry Christmas to you!


Photo two just joined the group. Love the chandelier! Everything in you house looks festive!


Say Jenny F.
Your house looks lovely and colorful. Picture two isn't showing. ;-(

Merry Christmas.
May yours be filled with light and JOY.

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