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October 09, 2007


Jenny F.

Of course SPF, you are absolutely right!


Hey tell the girls to stop by for a visit with Tara the Gypsy puppet. She could teach them a trick or two about having enjoying life! You know, maybe how to swing their hips and do the ChaCha and such. Oh you D best. How to play with nun dolls classes 101. Too funny. I too like all types of religious stuffs and paraphernalia. My husband is Catholic, I always ended up with Catholic guys somehow. Me, I just like God in my own way.

I was planning to stop by today and now you visited me. Thanks Ms. Jenny F.



nun doll: *barbie, do not let ken get to first base*

barbie doll: *yes, mother mary jennifer tiffany,
i vow to be good*

that kind of thing!

at least,
that is what i would do...


after all,
who needs matching pink gloves and shoes
when God is your team's Head Coach


really so easy!

you should have just asked me!


nun dolls hang out with Barbie dolls
and forgive their clothes-hoarding,
big-haired sisters
of the sin
of *Poor Fashion Choices*...

~~Bless You, my dear!
no white fishnet hose
and go-go boots
after Labor Day, please~~

[[ although
i am not catholic either
i DO pretend to be
when in italy and france
as they have the best churches. ]]


i just went to the link.....you are so funny...i will tell my sister


think teachers and nurses and missionaries......i never played with dolls but that would be some of the things that nuns do and did..........

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