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August 24, 2007




i know this to be true:
if you *COULD* have decorated the bus...

you *WOULD* have decorated the bus
by now!


Jenny Fillius

If I could decorate the bus I would want it to look like the ones in the photographs I've seen of buses in India. Wouldn't that be swell?


Dear Jenny,
You met Cleopatra the Cat today. You are one lucky purr.........son! Isn't that one of the all time best girl-cat names ever?

I'm on board with pinkflowers. When you paint the bus, you will be more famous!! In the mean time you should tell every single rider about your birds and prize balls, and little ball games too!
You should have some with you at all times! You just never know! Do you hand out your pretty moo cards to the deserved.


your bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how cool is that!

i wish they would let you paint it Great Colors,
don't you?

i bet you could make your bus look so fun
all the other buses
would turn green
from envy...


i can just see a dog painted on the side
like his head was hanging out the window...

you know,
with his tongue hanging out...

you are so good
with doing your dog arts...

maybe you could get A Grant $$$$$$$$$$$$
to paint them ALL!


How interesting...a bus driver...I love getting a peak into what some of us do to 'enable' our art...

me, public safety software....hmmmmm....

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